Business Development Training


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Two intensive training needs analysis Workshops were facilitated by Living Earth Uganda (LEU) Project staff, in conjunction with a Makerere Business School Entrepreneurship Centre Consultant on 29th-30th June  and 4th-5th July 2011.

The training workshops targeted eighty entrepreneurs and officers of small micro-enterprises (SME’s), identified at the mapping stage with specific gaps in their capacity to manage and run their small micro enterprises.

Participants undertook topics focusing on such themes as Governance in a small micro enterprise, legalities in governing business ownership in Uganda, Health and Safety, managing a social enterprise, effective team building, through to communication and conflict management. The training provided an effective environment in which key competency and learning could be undertaken, as well as a creating a forum for open discussion and lesson sharing amongst the attendees.

At the end of the training, participants were awarded with certificates by the Project Manager; who urged attendees to put into practice what they had learned from the sessions. It was outlined to attendees that Living Earth Uganda would continue to monitor their businesses and offer necessary advisory services as required.